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hair replacement service


Permanent Attachment

(Services 4-6 weeks)



Semi Permanent Attachment-

(Service 4-6 weeks)

Perma-Loc - (Just Hair Exclusive)

(Secure as permanent attachment

above but able to remove at night)

Removable Attachment-

Programs Available. Club Members Welcome!



When your hair starts to go, you may feel your self-esteem going along with it, or even your sense of identity. You can look and feel like yourself again with real hair loss solutions from the professionals at Just Hair Clinic. Our family run business has been serving the East Bay area since 1975 by providing non-surgical hair replacement for men and women. The compassionate staff at Just Hair Clinic meets with you in a private consultation in order to determine your best customized solution. No matter what caused your hair loss, we’re ready to put our expertise and state-of-the-art techniques to work for you. We carry a full line of hair replacement supplies to ensure long-lasting and natural looking results. So make a real transformation in your life by calling Just Hair Clinic today.


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